1. Why should I buy optics from Rincon Technology?

The main reason to choose a compatible optic over an OEM version is, of course, cost. Rincon Technology's compatible optics are a fraction of the price of OEM optics but maintain the same performance and reliability.

2. Do your products meet OEM and industry specification?

Yes. All of our transceiver products are designed to meet OEM and industry specifications.

3. Are your products tested?

Yes. All of our transceiver products are 100% tested.

4. Do your products have a warranty?

Yes. All our transceivers are backed by a industry leading warranty.

5. Will using Rincon branded optics void my warranty?

No. According to Cisco’s own web site, "Cisco cannot, and will not, void a warranty or service contract because of the use of a 3rd party compatible memory, gbic, or cable." Per the Magnuson-Moss Act,manufacturers cannot void warranties or service contracts based on the installation of third-party components.

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